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Friday, February 8, 2013

the confidence that comes with two

When Natalie was born I was a basket case. We had a hard time with breastfeeding, and she was losing weight and never wanted to sleep. On top of that I had a long and exhausting labor and developed mastitis twice in those first three weeks.

I didn't know which was was up, to say the least. I second- and triple-guessed every single decision I made. Am I doing the right thing here? Or am I screwing up my child and making life more difficult for me in the long run?

This time, most of that worry is gone. For one thing, Easton is an easier baby than Natalie was, which helps. But mostly it is the experience.

Easton had his pacifier almost all night last night? So what, sometimes you have to do what needs to be done to make it to morning. Easton spit up most of his bottle at 3am? Oh well, he will wake up again when he's hungry and I'll feed him a second time. Easton is crying and I don't know why? He can't cry forever, I guess.

"It's a phase" and "It will pass" are some of my favorite mottos in the early weeks with an infant. Life just seems so hard in the middle of the night when you are exhausted and just.want.to.sleep. But come morning and a good, strong, cup of coffee, things just aren't that bad after all. With your second child, you realize that this time will go by so quickly, and before you know it all those sleepless nights and and a fussing baby will be just memories. You learn which things matter in the long run and which things don't. You learn to just enjoy your baby instead of stressing about things you cannot change. You develop confidence in your parenting decisions because you have been here and done this before. And you cherish every moment because you know from experience they will fly by all too quickly.

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