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Monday, April 22, 2013


The last three nights Easton has gone 9+ hours without waking. Or I should say without eating. One of the nights he did wake up and I gave him the nuk, but other than that no wake-ups.

It has been really awesome. I'd like to say he's sleeping through the night (STTN), and essentially he is, BUT he is sleeping in his swing.

Sad face.

Pretty soon we will start working towards sleeping in the crib. I will give him two weeks or so of solid sleeping (just to make sure he is really ready for it, and so I know when he wakes up in the middle of the night in his crib he doesn't really need to eat) before we make that transition, and during that time I will probably try to get him to sleep in the swing without it actually moving. It is set to the lowest level, so being still is the next step. He will fall asleep in it that way for naps, but I haven't tested it out at night yet to see if he will STAY asleep. That's the key.

I won't really consider us to be successfully STTN until he sleeps all night in his crib without needing to eat, which may or may not involve sleep training. And honestly, I'm excited for it. I'm ready to sleep all night in my room without a baby in there with me.

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