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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Recent News

We've been busy this week. Last night we went and picked out our wedding pictures, yay! It was fun, but spendy. I do really like them all. I was planning on ordering my invites through my photographer but we just couldn't afford them so I ordered them through WalMart instead. The only problem with that is that I didn't have a picture I could use. So last night/this morning was a mad rush to try and find one so I could pick them up tonight since I'm going to Brainerd with a friend. (Then later my friend called and rescheduled for tomorrow night, so turns out I didn't need to freak out about it. Oh well.)

Tonight we're going to Darren's parents for dinner and a haircut before drill. Tomorrow night I have Brainerd with my friend and then on Friday I'm going to Brainerd AGAIN because I won't have enough time to get everything I need tomorrow. I have to stop at Target and WalMart (for the pics) which we're doing tomorrow, but then I also need to go to Penny's, Kohl's, Christmas Point, and Maurice's to use up gift cards (I'm sick and tired of having an overflowing wallet!!). Plus I need to hit up Cub before this week's sales expire. So there's no way I could fit all that in! Maybe if we get done at Target fairly early tomorrow we can go to Cub quick and the rest can wait for another time.

This week I booked a little excursion for us in Grand Cayman. We're going to take a jet ski tour to Stingray City where we can pet and feed stingrays. Don't worry, they're tame ones. :) It also includes snorkeling, a tour through a mangrove swamp, and a stop at a a beach bar/restaurant. I'm really excited about it. Apparently kissing a stingray will give you 7 years good luck. Who knew??

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  1. I've touched a stingray! But I did not kiss it... and I don't think I would no matter how much good luck it might give me :-\