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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

week 4 weight loss

More like week 4 weight gain. Ugh. I'm right where I started. All I've done the past month is watch my weight drop a couple pounds and come back up a couple pounds and drop a couple more pounds and come back up a couple more pounds and I've made ZERO progress. SO ANNOYING. And I haven't been eating really great, but normally I lose weight anyway. It's this new job. I'm so stinking inactive all day long. All I do is sit on my tush. At least at the bank I stood all day and walked around, and at school I was hauling a twenty-pound backpack across campus three times a day. But now I just sit all day at work and go home and sit all night on the couch. Bad habits.

So I really need to kick it in gear. I did manage to get up at 6 and work out this morning, and tonight instead of just sitting on my butt watching Friends I'm going to strength train while watching Friends with my little green band. (I have the Turbo Jam DVD for strength training memorized, so it shouldn't be a problem.) Last night I made a rhubarb pie (homemade crust and everything!) and I'm going to try and let Darren eat most of it. Plus I'm a little afraid of how it will taste. We didn't have any last night because it was still cooling, but it was the first time I've made it and I don't have high expectations. The rhubarb had been frozen since June so who knows how that will taste. And the crust...don't get me started. Darren said, "I'm sure it will taste fine" but I have my doubts.

To recap: Must exercise more. Must eat less.


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