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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

family fish fry fun

Last night we had a little family get-together at my aunt Sue and uncle Tim's. We fried fish my other aunt Kay and (brand new!) uncle Todd caught in Alaska a while back. It was yummy.
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Here's Todd cutting some walleye. I think it's walleye. Not that I'd ever be able to tell, but I know we had walleye and halibut and the halibut was cubed, so I'm thinking it's walleye.
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My brother, Trent, and my great-aunt chatting it up while waiting for the food. My great-aunt is hilarious. We go to her place every year for Christmas and she always has lots of great games for us to play. Someday I will write a post about the family dynamics during the infamous "dice game."
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Lex, Mom, Trent, and me. I'm not sure where Darren went for this picture...
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Mmm...the fish is almost ready. Smells like grease. Tastes like...grease. We had halibut my aunt had caught and it was so delicious. My sister kept saying it looked like chicken nuggets. Except with fish.
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Those were some yummy fish nuggets. They were better than fish sticks. I love fish sticks. Mostly they're delicious but sometimes they creep me out. I mean, what kind of fish comes in tightly-compressed sticks? You know how sometimes you think some food is just so disturbing, but so delicious? Like Mac 'N Cheese? And hot dogs? And bologna? And Cheeze Whiz? Oh, my. Cheeze Whiz. I could eat a can of Cheeze Whiz right now.
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Everyone enjoyed their fish nuggets, as disturbing as it may seem.

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