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Friday, August 14, 2009

Why I Love...


I have loved Google since before it was a billion dollar company.


I first met Google in computer class at my elementary school, back when it was privately held by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. (Yes, I looked those names up. On Google, of course.) Since I first discovered the meaning of "search engine" I have been entirely devoted to Google, and Google alone. Who cares about Yahoo! or MSN when you have Google?

My love affair continued through high school and into college. I never realized how different I was from other internet users until my freshman year. Whenever I had a question like "Where is Crete?" or "When are the Winter Olympics?" or "What are the hours for the mall?" I would Google my question until I found an answer.

Sometimes my roommates would ask me questions such as these and, not knowing the answer, I would tell them to "Google it." Apparently I began using the phrase "Google it" so much they thought I was crazy. Eventually they would laugh at me every time I said the word "Google."

My Google obsession was not known only by my roommates, but my family as well. My sister also makes fun of me for my Google addiction.

Did you know the word "Google" appears in the online Merriam-Webster dictionary? It was added in the year 2001. I fervently hope it appears in the print dictionary as well, but since I don't own one, I can't say for certain.

I suppose you think the point of this blog is to share with you my unparalleled love of Google. Not so. It is, in fact, to tell you a story and share with you the most wondrous Google discovery of my life thus far. A discovery so mind-boggling your life will never be the same.

Last night my husband and I went up town with his parents so the guys could have a little batting practice before the state softball tournament this weekend. I didn't bring my phone, which, I should mention, is the T1 with Google from T-Mobile. Yes, I have Google on my phone. Yes, it's amazing. Moving on.

On the way there Darren had to call a friend to get a hunting trip organized. (Not exactly accurate, but it would take too long to explain and is most definitely NOT the point of this story.) The short of it was he didn't have their phone number on him (since his new phone went through the washing machine and his old one didn't have their number). He kept on trying to remember their number, which I knew was a hopeless cause. I took his phone from him and said, "Let me try something."

You see, a couple months ago I discovered you could text something to Google and they would text you back the answer. Having the internet right on my phone, I hardly ever had to use this. I just "Googled it." But my husband did not have the internet on his phone, so it was Google to the rescue!

I opened a new text message and typed the man's name followed by our city and state and texted it to 466453 (which is GOOGLE on your touch-tone phone). Literally two seconds later Google texted him back with their name, address, and phone number.

I do believe my husband doubted the power of Google, but not I. I had every faith that Google would be able to find the answer to our dilemma. And, the best part is, this works on every phone. You don't need to have the internet. You just have to be able to text. There are no additional fees, you simply use one of your monthly allotted text messages. Well, you actually use two.

This works for people and businesses. I've never tried it for just random information...now that would be interesting.

So, my friends, take this phenomenal information and use it to enhance your life. I have shared a great secret with you because I know you are worthy of such power. May your lives be richly blessed with the ability to Google anytime, anywhere.

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