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Monday, May 4, 2009

the weekend when everything broke down

Seriously. Everything.

Friday afternoon we went down to Brainerd with Darren's grandparents to get the seeds for our garden. We're both pretty excited about it. Hopefully we'll enjoy it and it won't become this big hassle all summer long. His grandparents took us out to eat at Bonanza afterward, which was very sweet of them. When we got back Darren had to go back in to work for a while hauling trees out to the sites where they needed to be planted. He got home around 8 or so and we were both pretty tired so we just sat around and went to be early. I did try to make another loaf of focaccia bread and realized the bread machine is broken (broken thing #1) and that's why my last loaf didn't turn out. Fortunately I realized it early enough to salvage the ingredients and mix it up by hand, which was interesting. It turned out ok, but there were some hectic moments where I was trying to get the bread dough off my hands so I could look online and see how long it needed to rise. At least now I know I can, in fact, make real homemade bread. Darren really wants me to make some sourdough bread like his cousin but I don't have her recipe.

Saturday we both got up at 6:15 because Darren was going to an archery shoot with Troy and Troy's dad, and that's what time he needed to set the alarm. Of course it woke me up, too. I worked out nearly killed myself over the pain in my feet. My arch support is totally gone in my shoes (broken thing #2). After that I took it easy all morning. I did make a trip up to Godfrey's and got a great deal on chicken: $4.88 for a three pound bag! I bought two. I would have gotten more but Darren always makes fun of me. Plus we still have about five pounds or so in the freezer. In the afternoon Darren put some fence posts in the ground so we can put a fence around our garden to keep out the deer, and I filled in some holes in the yard. When we got inside I threw Darren's clothes in the washer and we sat down to watch a couple episodes of Friends. Halfway through his mom called to remind us that Brittny's grand march was at 4:30 and that's when Darren realized his phone was still in his pants pocket. In the washer. So that got ruined (broken thing #3). He freaked out about it for a while and dug my old phone out to use. We rushed out the door to grand march and saw Britts. She looked very pretty and it was fun to see all the girl's dresses. Chris and Courtney were there so we talked to them for a little bit.

We stopped at the cabin on the way home so Darren could check out the dock to see if he and some other guys could put it in. As soon as we got home he went out the door to go shoot some animals with my brother. He got home about 6:40 and we thought if we rushed we could make the 7:05 X-Men movie with his parents. So we ran out the door and about five minutes down the road when Darren goes to call them and say we're coming he realizes he doesn't have his (my) phone. He was so paranoid he dropped it outside and it would get rained on but I was pretty sure he left it on the table in the house. Anyway, we ended up turning around and going home and sure enough, it was safe inside. I do understand where he was coming from, though. I wouldn't want to break two phones in a single day, either. I made fun of him for it for a while and we just hung out at home that evening.

Saturday night Darren's (my) phone rang at 1 in the morning. Never a good sign when that happens. The adreneline starts flowing and you just about have a heart attack wondering what's wrong. Fortunately it was just my brother with a flat tire up at B&L (broken thing #4). Not sure why he called Darren instead of my mom, but oh well. Darren ran up town to pick him up and I couldn't sleep until he got back and told me everything was okay, which was about 35 minutes later. I don't know why it took so long...Unfortunately on the way there and back Darren's truck kept dying when he would slow down (broken thing #5). And we just got it back on Friday after being in the shop for about three weeks. It also smells like it's leaking oil. Darren was not happy.

Sunday we went to church and on the way home had to stop because there was a dead tree down in the middle of the road. There were already some people there and Darren got out to help so it got cleared up in no time. It wasn't very windy so it's kind of weird that it blew over. We had hot dogs on the grill for lunch and Darren went to softball batting practice from 1-3 while I baked a cheesecake and then sat on the couch. :) We made some baked terriyaki chicken for supper. It was super putzy and not very good, so I think I'll toss that recipe. It took so long that we were almost late to go see X-Men at 7 in Hackensack. We both really enjoyed it. Afterwards we came home, cleaned up the kitchen and went to bed, too tired for cheesecake!

This morning Darren had to get up at 4:15 for work and I just tossed and turned after that. I skipped working out and finally got up at 7 only to have my warm shower jerked out from under my fingertips. The stupid water pressure stopped working again, so we don't have any water upstairs and only a tiny little trickle downstairs (broken thing #6). I went outside down the driveway (in Darren's robe) to the pump and hefted the beast-of-a-lid off to check it out but since they fixed it last time I'm not sure what's going on anymore and I was afraid to touch it. It was still making noise like it was working, where before it wouldn't make any noise at all and we'd have to click these two things together until it sparked and started working again. I hurt myself trying to get the lid back on, so I was pretty unhappy by that point. I packed up what I needed and went to my mom's to get ready. When I got there she said we probably should go back and shut the power to the well off so the thing didn't burn out by running all day. It was about 7:40 by the time we got back to her house so I quick got ready for work. We headed up town and I dropped Darren's truck off at B&L while she dropped off my brother's keys to get his tire fixed. I swear my family spends enough money there to support him for six months. Then we came to work, and here I am. Kind of a discouraging weekend, huh?

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