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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


GREAT news. My aunt and uncle (the ones I lived with last fall semester) said we could rent from them! I'm so excited. We're getting an amazing deal. I did the math and we'll save over $13,000 over the course of two and a half years by renting from them instead of an apartment building. And I didn't account for rent increases, laundry, or the cable bill, so it's definitely a good deal! Plus, the best news of all, they have FOUR huge closets and a linen closet. Here's a little floorplan I made up for Darren since he's never really examined their upstairs that closely. (That closet off the bottom of the living room is upstairs; the stairs go downstairs underneath it and that's where our "front door" would be.)

The rooms aren't huge and there's no dishwasher, but I just keep telling myself "$13,000" and it makes it okay. :) The way my aunt and uncle's house is set up it's really easy for them to have a renter. They just put up a small wall by the base of the stairs. We'll have an outside door which will open up to a staircase and our "place" will be the whole upstairs. We won't have a garage for parking but it also won't be super shady and Darren won't have to worry so much about it being safe. I'm REALLY excited about it. Plus Darren will be able to bring his grill down. The city of Roseville doesn't allow grills on balconies so we couldn't bring it to any of the apartments. My aunt said they were also planning on leaving some of their furniture up there so we won't have to move/buy so much. It will be so nice. :)

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