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Thursday, May 21, 2009


It's been a while since I actually wrote a post about what I've been up to lately, so here's an update.

Last weekend I was pretty busy. Darren had drill so I was alone, but I stayed occupied. I went to get my china Friday night and then Saturday morning went down to Brainerd to do some shopping. Saturday afternoon I was at my mom's house. We had dinner and then my sister and I went to see Angels & Demons. Sunday I went to church and made some focaccia bread. Darren came home around 2ish and slept for three hours on the couch while I read. We had chicken fettucine alfredo for supper, only I didn't have any fettucine noodles so we used angel hair. Darren said it wouldn't be the same. I thought it tasted fine.

Monday night we sat around at home, I'm pretty sure. I can't really remember that far back very well. We've been watching Grey's Anatomy lately. We've never seen it before and are on season 2. I really enjoy it. Tuesday night we helped my mom put the boat in at the cabin, and last night Darren had fire watch until 6:30 and we just relaxed at home after that. Kind of a dull week so far. Darren was just complaining last night about how we never do anything in the evenings except watch TV. I wanted to tell him it's hard to do things in the evenings when he volunteers to work until 6:30, but I just kept my mouth shut.

Tonight he has to work until 6 (hopefully that will be the latest, anyway. You can never tell.) and then we're rushing to see the new Terminator movie at 6:35. I think we should just see it a different night, but he's so excited about it. It's opening night so it will probably be packed and we'll probably end up sitting in the front row. I'm not excited about that. I hate the front row. Especially on an action movie...I'll probably feel like puking a quarter of the way into it. I think his parents are seeing it with us so hopefully they'll save us a good spot. Chris and Courtney are coming too, I think. Hopefully everyone isn't there already when Darren realizes he won't get off in time and we can't come. I guess we'll see how this evening goes. I'm trying to be positive.

Darren's been doing some fishing lately. He loves it but always complains that he doesn't know how to fish. I guess there's an art form to it. Me, I just slap a worm on my hook and cast the line out. Nothing to it. I'm sure we'll be going over the 3-day weekend this weekend. Darren's sister graduates on Sunday but other than that we have nothing going on.

We got our tomato and pepper plants this morning and Darren got them planted. Our lettuce is sprouting up, too, so it's time to get that fence in before the deer eat everything off.

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