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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Not even sure what Cinco de Mayo means...well, I know it means "Fifth of May." More like I'm not sure what it stands for. What's the important of it? A quick pop over to Google will have the answer. Oh, nothing too relevant to Americans. It's all about the Mexican and Spanish war/independence. We don't really need to much of an excuse to celebrate in this country. Hey, a country declared independence from another country, let's celebrate!

I'm going to Brainerd after work for groceries and a stop at Target. I also need to pick up a Gander Mountain gift card for my step-father; his birthday's in a week and a half. Not really a very exciting trip at all. I'm trying to not spend so much money. We had to pay the car insurance last month and now with Darren's truck breaking every five minutes we haven't been able to save much money for a while. We're trying to build up a nice little nest egg for when we're in the cities. Hopefully we won't have any trouble finding good jobs, but just in case...

This week is all planned out already. Tonight Darren is planting trees with his uncle. Tomorrow night he's working at the DNR, and Thursday night is the first softball game of the season. Friday he's working on his grandma's deck. I don't think we have anything planned for the weekend yet. Hopefully it will be nice out so we can get outside.

Darren got the water fixed today, hallelujah! We spent the night at my mom's last night. It was a big hassle for him and I'm not sure I understand why. It's hardly easier to live in a house with no water! But he made a big deal about staying at my mom's. Maybe that's what motivated him to get the pump working again today. It lost it's prime (whatever that means) and apparently that's easy to fix so we didn't have to call a plumber. We cannot afford any more things breaking in the near future. The truck was $2500 to fix. Ridiculous...and it would have been about $700 more if Darren hadn't found the manifolds somewhere else. I can't believe how much they charge! We got it fixed again yesterday after all the leaking/dying and that was another $90 for the power steering hose and labor (fortunately it wasn't oil that was leaking). Darren thinks maybe he should forget about forestry and go to school to be an auto mechanic. :)

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  1. cars are expensive. Let's get a couple horses, they're cheaper, right???