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Friday, May 8, 2009

weekend plans

We have a busy weekend again. Darren has fire watch with the DNR tonight and then tomorrow morning we're planting our garden with his grandparents at (ugh) 8 am. Two Saturdays in a row now I've had to get up early. After that he's helping my aunt and uncle put in their dock with some other family members. Tomorrow night one of my friend's is having her college graduation party so we'll probably stop by there for a while. Sunday is church and then Darren's parents' house for lunch and my mom's for supper in honor of Mother's Day. So yep, there's the whole weekend. We might try and get out on the lake and do a little fishing if the weather is nice enough. I bought my license last weekend so I wouldn't have to deal with all the people this weekend. Darren doesn't have to get one, something about active duty in the military or being a veteran or something or other.

This week just flew by! I can't believe how busy we are all the time. Especially Darren. He didn't get home until about 8:40 last night from fire watch and then got up at 5:45 this morning to go till up our garden with his grandfather. Hopefully next week things will slow down, but I doubt it with summer coming on.

I got the floor swept at lunch, clean sheets on the bed, and I wiped down the counters last night so my house is all cleaned again. At least for another two days, until I start all over again on Monday. It's nice to be able to clean on my lunch breaks, though, so I can spend the evenings with Darren (whenever he's home, anyway) instead of cleaning and doing laundry.

I was going to make a ham this weekend until I remember it was Mother's Day. So maybe next week I'll get on top of that. I was thinking baked ham with garlic mashed potatoes. Yummmm. It sounds so good right now, especially since I know that if Darren's not home for supper I won't cook anything and will be eating the leftovers, which consist of refried beans, baked beans, over-cooked chicken, and four-day-old fried rice. What a spread.

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