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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

busy summer weekend

That three-day weekend just flew by! I can't believe it's Tuesday already. At least this will be a nice and short week, plus a payday week for both Darren and I. Gotta say payday weeks are more exciting than regular weeks.

Friday evening after Darren got done with fire watch we went fishing with my aunt and uncle for a little bit. Chris and Courtney came up to the cabin after that and we just hung out and played some Taboo. Darren loves that game so much. We stayed up way too late and spent the night at the cabin. I slept in on Saturday until Darren had to go to fire watch at 11:00. Mom came up to the cabin and I helped her do all the dishes so they'd be ready to go for the summer. Went home mid-afternoon and took a nap. I made a new recipe for supper called Mac N Cheese Taco Bake but I'd have to say it wasn't fantastic. Just okay. It had TWO boxes of Mac N Cheese so it definitely wasn't the healthiest thing out there. It did get Darren to eat Mac N Cheese, which is difficult because he doesn't like it. What's not to like?? Hopefully the next new-recipe attempt will be more succesful than this one.

Anyway, Saturday evening after dinner we went down to Wildwedge and did some mini golfing and hit some balls on the driving range with Darren's mom. His dad works there part-time on the weekends so we got a good deal. I sucked it up mini-golfing but did better on the driving range. It's been a loooong time since I've hit golf balls, so it was kind of fun. No recurring shoulder damage, fortunately. Unfortunately, still have a nasty slice. Good distance, though: I topped out at 150 yards which is pretty good for me, especially since I haven't swung a club for about five years.

Sunday we both slept in, still trying to catch up on sleep from Friday night, so we missed church. I feel bad about how often we miss it. I hate setting the alarm on Sunday's because usually Darren has to get up early on Saturday for something, so Sunday is my only no-alarm day. Usually I wake up in time but last Sunday we were so tired. I didn't wake up until 9:15 and since church starts at 10:15 we would have been rushed getting out the door. Sunday afternoon was Darren's sister's graduation so that was fun for her. She was pretty excited. Sunday evening we had dinner at the cabin and Darren's parents came up to take a cruise around the lake on the boat, have a campfire, and play some games. We had the first s'mores of the season...yummy. I had one original and one with the Keebler Fudge Stripe cookies. Whoever invented s'mores that way is a genius. We spent the night at the cabin again and I slept horribly on the squeaky mattress. So nice to sleep in my own bed last night.

Darren got up early Monday morning to go fishing with his friend Al and after that we went home to get ready to go out to his parents for lunch. We stayed out there until a little after three and came home and mowed the lawn. An adventure, to be sure. Blair randomly mowed it last weekend so this was mine and Darren's first time mowing. We went over to my mom's and brought the rider over on the trailer, since the lawn is pretty big. Unfortunately it's very uneven so I had to drive very slowly and the rider still had a rough time. I went clean down to dirt on some of the little hills. Also just about tipped the beast over trying to mow the ditch by the highway. Plus, with all the wind yesterday, the dirt I was kicking up just kept blowing back in my face. I had to take a shower when we got done; I had so much dust in my hair, in my ears, up my nose...you get the picture. After we were presentable we went up to the Corner Store for supper since my sister was working. Came home and spent the evening on the couch watching Grey's.

Tonight we're going to hoe up the garden a little. The weeds aren't too bad yet so we need to get going before they get impossible. Darren said almost everything is up and sprouting, so that's very exciting for us. Hopefully we'll be able to can/freeze a lot of it for this winter and save some money. I know how much we spent on the seeds and plants so I'm hoping to keep track of everything we grow and get a rough estimate of whether or not we came out ahead. I know, I'm crazy like that. :)

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