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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

Oh, another day...I can't wait for the weekend. Not that we have anything super exciting going on, but just not being at work for two whole days will be wonderful. Working at the bank was kind of a bummer because I'd have to work Saturday's a lot. It's only half a day, but it still makes you feel like you never left work at all. I talked to a friend who still works there yesterday and they hired a girl for summer help. I've officially been replaced now. :)

I just had to run an errand up to Walker for my boss (who is also my uncle) and I stopped at the cabin in Hackensack on my way back to check out the lake. All the ice is out (finally) but the shoreline is disintegrating. We lose more and more every year. It's not gently sloping, either. The ice pushes it up so it's kind of a drop-off now. The neighbors have rocks lining their shoreline and my mom keeps talking about it but she never gets that far. Maybe this summer. It was really chilly up there with the wind blowing off the lake. Hopefully we can get the dock in soon. Darren said he and my uncle could probably do it, so we'll see how that goes. Normally we pay someone but he went out of business a couple months ago. I'll probably get recruited into helping. Last year I had to help put in my uncle's boat lift...with my clothes on. I'll be more prepared this year. I can't wait for summer! This will probably be my last summer to be at the lake for a while so I had better enjoy it! Well, who am I kidding, I haven't had a summer off since I turned 15 and got hired at the bank...and actually even before that I worked part-time at Scamp from the age of 10. My parents believed in good old fashioned hard work, apparently. Anyway, next summer we'll be in the cities so it won't be the same as living in Backus.

So dinner last night was very tasty. I did have a couple problems...putting the focaccia bread in the machine at lunch running it on a delay didn't work well. It didn't get mixed up right and was lumpy. I'm not sure if it was the delay or the little mixer thing wasn't working right, so I'll probably have to try it again. Also, the twice-baked potatoes overflowed a little bit. They still tasted really yummy though, so I guess that's something. I have no idea what would make them overflow. I maybe scooped too close to the skin; they weren't the most stable of things and if they tipped a little the insides could have run. Oh well, lesson learned there. The shish-kabobs were DELICIOUS. We used McCormick Grill Mates Chipotle Pepper marinade (it comes in a packet like taco seasoning) and let the meat marinate for almost 24 hours. It was so good! I'm excited for the leftovers tonight. Yummy!

Tomorrow Darren and I are going to Brainerd with his grandparents to get seeds for our garden. He's so excited about it where I could more take it or leave it. But it will be fun to grow our own food; I'm just not excited about the amount of work it will be. Especially when it's hot out and we would rather be up at the cabin. Saturday he's going archery shooting with Troy and Troy's dad so I'm going to go visit Tina for a bit I think. I told her I'd come and help her tidy up her house since she doesn't have time for much of anything right now but she said I wasn't allowed to clean for her. So now I'm thinking maybe I'll bring her something she can heat up quick for dinner. The only problem is she's a way better cook than me...and she doesn't like beef, which is what most of my recipes consist of. I was thinking either chicken enchiladas or chicken fettuccine alfredo. Although she usually makes her own alfredo sauce and I use the stuff from the jar. So we'll see. I can make her some of the focaccia bread, too, because I know she'll like that. Saturday afternoon is Darren's sister's prom so we're going to go see her at grand march. The weekend is going to go by so fast again...

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