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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

twice-baked potatoes

We went over to Troy and Tina's last night and I got to meet Tanner James. What a precious little boy. I can't believe how tiny he is! It was fun to catch up with Tina and hear about her past week with the baby.

Afterwards we went out to the Salty Dog for dinner with Pat and Shelly. By the time we got home it was going on 8 o'clock. We cleaned up around the kitchen a little and got some stuff ready for dinner tonight, watched an episode of Friends, and went to bed. It was so hard to get up this morning! I was going to get up at 6 and get the downstairs bathroom cleaned before work but I slept in until 6:30. I got the bathroom cleaned over lunch, though, so it all worked out. I also got the focaccia bread in the machine and the potatoes in the oven with both on timers so they'll be ready to go when I get home.

I love the timer on the oven; so handy. The potatoes have to cool off before I can scoop out their insides and mix them up, and then they have to go back in the oven for 30 minutes, so they're kind of putsy. But SOO delicious. Tina's recipe wasn't really a recipe because she's one of those people who just tosses things into a pot and it turns out amazing, so she kind of had to guess on the recipe she gave me. I checked in my Betty Crocker cookbook and found this one. It's pretty much the same as Tina's only she adds 2 or 3 strips of crumbled bacon, parsley, and a clove of garlic, so I'm going to do that, too. I don't have any chives so I'm just going to skip them...hopefully they won't be that important.

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