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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

wednesday weight-loss

Just about forgot Wednesday weight-loss...

Good news today. I was down 1.6 pounds from last week. I'm 9.7 pounds away from my goal. I spent some time this morning looking over my weight-loss journal. I've lost 33.3 pounds since I started over two years ago. Yes, I lose weight that slowly. But I've had a lot of setbacks along the way, and I'd say I'm only marginally devoted to it the majority of the time. But I'm hoping by August 19, which is 16 long weeks from now, I can lose those 9.7 pounds and FINALLY be at the weight I've been aiming for for two years. Kind of a bummer that I was within four pounds and gained some back, but I guess you live and learn from that. Anyway, I only need to lose a little over half a pound every week to get there. It's not the first time I've tried this...but hey, it has to happen some time, right??

I've kicked up the SlimFast to breakfast and lunch. I've been drinking it for breakfast off and on for about seven years and have tried doing it for two meals a day before. I bought some meal bars and plan on doing those for lunch with my "favorite 200 calorie healthy food". Today that consisted of one piece of multigrain bread, a small slice of pepperjack cheese, a slice of turkey, two pickels, and mustard. But you know what, I actually felt satisfied when I finished. SlimFast does recommend a morning and afternoon snack as well. I don't have any of the snack bars so I might have to get some of those. Usually I just eat fruit in the morning around 10:00 and in the afternoon if I get hungry I have a 90 calorie granola bar. I wish fresh fruit wasn't so expensive. I eat a lot of cantalope and apples but I wish I could have more strawberries and pineappple. I love pineapple. I'll get some next time it's on sale. :)

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