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Monday, April 20, 2009

weekend fun

It was a busy weekend, but fun. We went down to the cities on Thursday night to do some apartment hunting on Friday. We found two places we're going to keep looking at. One is called Hillsborough Apartments of Roseville and the other is Centennial Commons. Hillsborough is nicer and larger, but Centennial Commons is still pretty nice and considerably cheaper, so it'll be a tough decision. I am kind of excited to move down there. Not to be in the cities, but just because it will be nice to have our own place. Right now we live in my step-father's house for dirt cheap so that's REALLY nice, but it feels like nothing really changed since we got married. I'm ready for some adventure. :)

Saturday Darren had a 3D bow shoot in Walker and then Saturday night we went over to Tina and Troy's for dinner. She made some DELICIOUS food so I got the recipes from her and I'm excited to try them. We had shish-kebobs, twice baked potatoes, broccoli cole slaw, and rolls. It was yummy. And I made this cherry custard pie for dessert that I was fairly impressed with. Darren and I are really excited to try out our own skewers now. Yesterday we slept in and were really lazy most of the day until Darren's parents came over for supper and games. We always have a ton of fun playing games with them.

And, best of all, my best friend Tina had her baby last night! She called me this morning and told me that she had a boy, Tanner James. It was so funny since we saw them Saturday night and she was saying how she felt really great but didn't think the baby would be coming for a while. :) She got the boy she wanted, so I'm happy for her. Can't wait to see him! I checked the hospital website but there isn't a picture of him up yet.

No big plans for tonight. It's been chilly lately so we're kind of bummed since we wanted to get some yard work done. Hopefully it will warm up soon. Darren has a Friday-Sunday drill this weekend so that stinks, but at least it's in Ripley so we won't have to pay for a hotel up in Hibbing. Maybe I'll be able to get some outside work done this weekend.

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  1. I am so bummed that you guys are finally going to live in the cities and we aren't there anymore! But at least you will be closer! And I hope you will be wanting company because we would love to stay with you guys when we come up! Not to invite ourselves over or anything... :-P