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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

wednesday weight loss...and other things

MUCH better than last week. (Yay!) I'm down 2.8 pounds from last Wednesday, which wasn't actually too surprising since the quicker I pounce on a weight gain the faster it goes off. So buh-bye Easter weight and on to Grand Cayman weight. I've been diligently Turbo Jamming my butt off and my hip flexors are paying for it (yeah, that's right, I know my anatomy). I'm thinking maybe I'm a little too crazy during the kicking sections. It's hard though, because it goes so fast I feel like I have to kick hard to keep up. I'm really enjoying the Cardio Party Mix 3...50 minutes of fun, let me tell you. Usually about ready to fall over dead 30 minutes in, but highly effective. I always feel really good about myself by the time I finish. And actually it's better than mixes 1 and 2. There are better combos and the music is way better. Plus it's my newest one so I'm not sick of it yet. When I can tell you what Chalene is going to say before she even says it, and I know when her little followers are going to mess up, you know I've done that workout way too many times.

On to bigger and better things. Or maybe worse things. Last night I broke our Brita water pitcher...by slamming in on the counter. And of course it was full so water went everywhere and I massacred my finger when the plastic shattered. What can I say, sometimes Darren makes me sooooo angry... And now I'm angry at myself because we'll have to buy a new one, and they aren't cheap. Plus I'm stuck drinking semi-poisonous, nasty-tasting water until we can get to Brainerd again. It's unfortunate I never think of good Bible verses in the midst of my anger: always afterward. I'm committing Proverbs 14:29 to memory this very second. "He who is slow to anger has great understanding, but he who is quick-tempered exalts folly." (NASB) Definitely learned my lesson.

The garden work is starting. Yesterday on my lunch break we got some of my grandpa's cow manure delivered and Darren shoveled it around last night. Hopefully the veggies will grow nice and big with all those yummy nutrients. And if you think cow manure is something to freak out about, you can't even judge it until you've smelled turkey manure. Talk about disgusting. That smell just permeates your life for a good three days. We're going to go get seeds with Darren's grandparents sometime soon, I believe. Tina says to wait until June 1st to plant but we might get a little jump on it because we won't be here through late summer/early fall.

Speaking of Tina, I still haven't seen her baby yet. I did get to see his picture though and he's a little cutie. Hopefully we'll get out to see her and the baby sometime this week. She and I were originally planning on going to the Co-op this Saturday but I think it might get postponed now. I'm kind of sad because I really needed some spices. Plus with Darren having drill Friday-Sunday I'll be all lonesome. I am going to an all-you-can-eat-spaghetti softball fundraiser Friday night for my brother's summer team with some relatives, so that will be something, at least.

Everyone who works out in the shop is getting off of work now. I still have two hours...bleh.

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