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Monday, April 27, 2009

And the "Creep of the Day" award goes to...

...the freak who just called me. Here's a paraphrase of our conversation:

"Good morning, Scamp Trailers." -me
"Oh, what company is this?" -creep
"Scamp Trailers."
"Oh, girl, I've just got everything wrong today. You mean this isn't the International Dance Studio?"
(And just so you can picture his voice: think of someone who is gay, creepy, and hitting on you at the same time...ick!)
"Nope, this is Scamp Trailers." (I'm still trying to give him a chance, mistake #1)
"Oh, isn't this 947-4932?"
"Yes it is, but this is a trailer manufacturer."
"Well does this happen a lot?"
"Nope." (And by now I'm getting pissed because he's freaking me out with his gay man-voice and unwillingness to hang up, which I should have done, mistake #2)
"So you won't be offering any aerobics classes today?" (This is where I wanted to give him a piece of my mind but didn't, mistake #3)
"Well a girl as pretty as you should start teaching areobics classes." (Okay, freak, you can't see me...)
"This is Scamp Trailers."
"So if I tried to get my wife in a class you couldn't do that?" (What moron would marry you??)
"No, we make trailers."
"So my wife is just going to have to stay fat?" (And by now I'm so ready to hang up on him)
"We make trailers." (I think he got it by my tone because he hung up then. Sicko.)

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