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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I've had this blog for one year now. That's so crazy. I can't believe how much has happened in the past year! I was looking back at some of my first posts and I could remember writing them like it was yesterday. A year ago today I was almost done with my junior year of college and Darren and I had only been engaged for a couple months. Now we've been married for three months and I'm only 17 credits away from graduating with a BS in Accounting! So crazy how those four years of college flew by. And so scary thinking about what on earth I'll do when I graduate...

Speaking of fall semester, I got all registered for my 13 credits of day school last week. Business Information Systems, Income Taxation, and Advanced Accounting, here I come! All Tuesday/Thursday classes so I'll only have to be on campus two days a week, which is nice. Oh, and I have that 1 credit follow-up to my internship, since I'm taking it for 0 credits right now to save on tuition. But that isn't really a class, more like a formality where I have to turn in the paper I've written about my internship. Today I registered for my capstone Christian Thought class through distance education. I love DE...so much easier than day school. I think that class will be pretty easy, except for the monster of a paper (14 pages!!) I have to write at the end of it detailing how I integrate my faith and my major. I could tell you in a paragraph, but I guess I'll have to stretch that bad boy out. At least the class is with a professor I've had twice before (once for DE Christian Theology and once for day school Life of Christ), and he's a really great professor and SOOO easy. BIS will be a snap, too, so the only real classes I'll have will be my accounting ones, and after three years of Elfstrum I think I can handle them.

Last night Darren and I stopped at my mom's to feed the animals for her and pick up the mail while she's on vacation. We went home and had our burgers and leftovers and watched Seven Pounds. It was pretty good, if a little predictable. We knew exactly what was going to happen about halfway through. I mean, exactly. Warning: You should skip the rest of this paragraph now if you haven't seen the movie and don't want it ruined for you. I even predicted he was going to kill himself with his jellyfish! But what a way to go. We still don't really get the title...Seven Pounds. I get the seven (he killed seven people in a car accident), but what's with the pounds??? Maybe a little research is in order. Okay, figured it out. It's referring to Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice and the phrase "a pound of flesh." Apparently there's supposed to be some relation between donating organs and paying your pound of flesh...I guess I get it.

Okay, safe the read the rest now. Tonight we're going out to Troy and Tina's to see the baby quick. I think I'm going to make tacos for supper; they're nice and easy. We haven't had them for a while and I loooove tacos. Oh, this day is dragging by already...I've played so much free cell lately I even dreamed about it last night. Now is that sad or what??

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