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Monday, August 10, 2009

The Top Five Most Disgusting Things of All Time

1. Hair in the sink drain. You know how it is: the water is draining very slowly, you realize the drain must be clogged but are dreading cleaning it out. You pull up on the plug and YUCK! Out comes a big wad of slimy balled-up hair, complete with soap flecks and dirt chunks. Yum.

2. Food in the sink drain. Similar to hair, but nasty in its own special way. Plus it's stinky. How I envy those with a garbage disposal. I bet they've never scraped dried food chunks out of the drain stopper.

3. The word "gut." Don't ask me why, I just hate that word. Every time I hear it I can feel my face involuntarily make a slightly disgusted expression.

4. Getting puked on. Go here to read about my unfortunate incident with vomit. Nothing like the have digested contents of someone's stomach to make you lose yours.

5. Slicing skin. I can handle movies with gunshots, amputations, and guts (eww...) all over the place, but the second I see a scalpel thinly slice someone open, I'm gone. It's even worse when I cut my own finger with a knife. Or a piece of paper. I can't stand that the skin just flaps around and the two piece are no longer attached to each other. Ugh, cringe just thinking about it.

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