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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

the end of an era

Today I took my last final. Ever.

It's weird to think about it. I mean, I've been going to school my whole life. My whole life.

Well, since the age of five. So I've been going to school for seventeen years. Seventeen years.

That's a long time. Longer than anything else I've ever done.

One day in class a couple weeks ago my professor asked how many hours those of us graduating had devoted to accounting class and homework. The answer: a lot.

Thirty-two accounting credits. Eight accounting courses. Thirty class periods each. One hundred minutes a class period. Plus another 100 hundred minutes per class period for homework and studying. Easily.

That's 48,000 minutes which equals 800 hours which equals 100 8-hour days straight of learning accounting.

And that's not even counting the other 128 credits I have. School has been my life.

And now it has ended. Good thing I have a job or heaven only knows what I would do with myself.

Eat a lot, I'm sure.

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