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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Freshman year at CSS I lived with a girl named Alli. We were inseparable. We have the same personality, the same type-A personality, similar goals, and we share a birthday. And when I found out my dad wanted to call me Alli...well, it sealed the deal.

We were like sisters, separated at birth. But more than sisters, practically twins.

We shared everything. Except our clothes, because she was too tall. And our shoes, because my feet were too big. But we shared stories, memories, laughter. We even shared our M&Ms.

One of my first memories of Alli is from the first day of classes. Classes started on the Tuesday after Labor Day. I remember this because Alli was in the shower, getting ready for her 8:30 MWF class, when she realized it was actually Tuesday, and she had class at 7:50. And she came running out, threw on sweats, and went to her first day of college with wet hair and no makeup. And as I slowly learned, these types of experiences were typical.

Dancing in Alli and Alissa's room, some day close to Christmas. I remember because we were rocking it out to a Christmas song.

Alli was the first person who ever died my hair. She got me addicted. I dye my hair religiously now.

Only a couple days after school started. Friends already.

Nearly the end of the school year, taking some pictures.

Alli was a bridesmaid in my wedding, and someday, I'll be in hers. And just another perk to being in Duluth for four weeks: I get to see Alli a couple nights a week. Haven't laughed so much in a LONG time.

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