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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

from here to there. and everywhere

I've been going crazy in my car lately. I'm pretty sure in the past six weeks of road jobs I've listened to just about every CD I own.

No, I don't have an ipod. You should be thankful I'm not pulling out the cassette tapes.

Did I ever mention the time my sister borrowed ALL my CDs and lost them ALL? No? It wasn't a fun time. My mom made her replace them.

Anyway, when I was driving away on Monday, listening to my CDs (there were only about three radio stations that would come in) I started thinking about how many miles I'd put on my car over the past six weeks.

It was too many to add in my head while driving, I'll tell you that much for sure. So I figured it out today: over 1800. Over one thousand eight hundred. And I'm not done yet. Lucky me I get mileage reimbursement.

Also, just as a side note, during my road jobs I've spent a total of 9 nights in my bed in the cities. Nine nights. In six weeks.

Oh me-a, oh my-a. But the good news is, the Radisson is starting to feel just like home.

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