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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

a year

Crazy how fast a year can go by, isn't it?

One year ago today we moved down to the cities. It was a Monday. And it was hot. I was sweating up a storm as we hauled most of our worldly possessions upstairs to our apartment.

If I wasn't writing this on my lunch break at work I would put up some of the pictures I took of us unpacking and moving in. But I don't have them. They're at home and I'm stil in Duluth.


I love Duluth, don't get me wrong. I would much rather be here than say, Marshall. We have a crew in Marshall, MN. Also Moorhead. Yep, Duluth is by far the best choice if one can't be in the main office.

Although, I'm on my fourth week in Duluth (which is my sixth week in a row on the road) and I'm getting tired of my suitcase. And Subway. And I miss my bed.

But hey, if that year can go by fast, I'm sure the next couple weeks will as well, huh?

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