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Monday, August 9, 2010

the letter

So I'm pretty sure I mentioned Darren's box of letters a while back. What I didn't mention was I found the letter my father-in-law sent to Darren filled with...shall we say "misunderstandings" about me.

"I have some interesting news for you. You will probably be mad about it, but I'm safe because you will be over it by the time you get back. Anyway I was at the bank yesterday and Alaina Fisher asked what you were doing this summer (lie number one) and what your plans were for college. So I filled her in on what you were doing. She asked for your address (lie number two) because she wanted to write to you. So, you know me, we started talking about you and she told me that she had always wanted to go out with you (lie number three; pretty sure I would have died of embarassment every saying something like that to a man's father) and that anytime you would ask her out she wouldn't have to think twice about it, she would love to."

Either I had a serious memory lapse regaring that conversation, or someone was playing matchmaker.

I suppose I can forgive him.

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