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Monday, November 8, 2010

expiration dates

I was making myself a sandwich for work tomorrow and noticed the expiration date on my Lite Miracle Whip: July 3rd.


I'm not a huge believer in expiration dates; I think they're just a ploy by food industries to get you to throw away more food and, thus, buy more food.

Not really, but it could be.

Mostly I just think it's the company's way of covering their behind of someone actually does get sick from old food. Although who even worries about food expiration when you have to watch your tomatoes, spinach, peanut butter, eggs, and Lord knows what else for all forms of crazy diseases?

It's not high on my priority list.

I cut mold off my cheese and eat the non-moldy pieces of bread before I throw the rest out. I drink milk for a good ten days past the date, and eat yogurt up to...well, the oldest is three months, but I would definitely eat older if it still tasted okay.

Also, that turkey you get from the deli? The stuff they tell you should be eaten within two days??

You don't even want to know how long I will eat that. Let's just say, you can wipe the slime off of turkey and it looks like new.



  1. Ok, yeah, this is something we do NOT have in common (except for the cutting the mold off the cheese part). I am a big believer in expiration dates. Although you are probably right that they are kind of bogus, I feel the need to follow them anyway. It's almost painful for me to eat something after the expiration date even if it still looks/smells/tastes good, I am just super paranoid about it. Especially lunch meat! Oh man, I really don't want to know how long you wait to eat that... :-P Although you apparently don't get sick so maybe I should start getting better use out of my groceries and not throwing so much stuff away...

    Oh and you never did say if you still used that Miracle Whip that expired over a year ago... :-P

  2. Heck yeah, I ate it! :) It's almost all gone. Although I'm pretty sure the rest of them in my pantry expired at the same time.

    Just so you feel better, my lunch meat limit is about 1 week. Unless it's that stuff you buy in the packages (as in, not fresh). That stuff is so ultra-preserved I just keep on eating it. I wonder what the oldest pre-packaged lunch meat I've ever eaten is... :)

    And yes, I know you're a stickler for expiration dates. I specifically remember one time you wouldn't eat my hot dog buns because they were expired. Even though I just took them out of the freezer the day before. :)