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Monday, November 1, 2010

Why I Love...


I'm pretty sure I've written a post (or two...or three...or twenty-seven) before about how much I love Target, but it bears repeating. I got a FANTASTIC coupon mailer from Target about a week ago, with coupons like "$1 off any frozen item purchase, any brand" and "$1 off any purchase of fresh fruit." It's not very often you can find coupons for "any brand" so I was pretty excited. Here are some of the great deals I got last week:

Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner, sale price $1.99 each
-Bought two and used $1/2 printable coupon
Final price: $1.49 each

Creamette pasta, $0.82
-Used $0.50 off any pasta item Target coupon
Final price: $0.32

Sara Lea multigrain bread, $2.69
-Used $1 off any purchase of bread Target coupon
Final price: $1.69

Bananas, $0.49/lb
-Bought 2.53 lbs (for $1.24) and used $1 off a fresh fruit purchase Target coupon
Final price: $0.24

Market Pantry Eggs, $1.19
-Used $0.50 off any purchase of eggs Target coupon
Final price: $0.69

Kraft Natural Chunk Cheese 8 oz, $2.00
-Used $0.25 manufacturer's coupon
-Used $0.75 off any purchase of cheese Target coupon
Final price: $1.00
(I never pay more than $1 per 8 oz of cheese, except in a cheese emergency. It happens.)

Digiorno Pizza, sale price $4.50
-Bought two and got one free single serving Digiorno, per Target ad, valued at $2.99
-Used $1 off any frozen item Target coupon
Final price: $8 for two regular and one single-serving pizza

I told you about Target's awesome 5% off policy here and I put it to good use last week. I wasn't sure if I needed to tell the checkout guy but when I swiped my Target card I saw the computer automatically calculate 5% and take it off the total. Which, in this case, was $4.68.

The bottom of my receipt says "YOU SAVED $26.89". Awesome day.

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