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Monday, November 22, 2010

Why I Love...

...Army wives.

No, not the TV show. I mean real-life Army wives.

I first met these lovely ladies in June of 2007, and it's strange to me now that there was ever a time I didn't know them. They understand me like no one else in the entire world.

We took this picture October 15, 2007, the day our men came home from Iraq. Darren and I weren't married yet - we weren't even engaged - so it was through Courtney and Krista that I first learned what it meant to be an Army wife.

And no one could have ever had two more excellent role models. Not too long ago I thought I was going to have to live through another deployment, only this time as a wife instead of just a girlfriend. And I knew no one would understand my fears and frustrations better than these two women.

Fortunately, Darren decided not to volunteer.

Last month, on October 16, 2010 (almost three years to the day the guys came home) we took this picture. When I first saw it I couldn't believe how much it reminded me of the picture we took the day of the Welcome Home Ceremony.

But yet so different. Darren and I are now married. Krista's little girl (who was being held by Courtney in the above picture) is now an adorable three year old. Courtney is holding her own baby girl, her second child.

Over the past three years I have come to love these women like sisters. I know I can talk to them about anything, and do. We have such a special bond, and no one understands my periodic frustrations with Army life like these two.

Courtney and Krista, thanks for always being there. I love you both more than I can express.

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  1. Awww, you got me all teary eyed!!! It is really crazy to think that we haven't known each other for our whole lives considering how close we are now. I love it!

    Oh and I love that first picture, long hair, tan, skinny jeans... sigh... Those were the days... :-P