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Friday, November 12, 2010

how the sock elves ALMOST got the best of me

My sister gave me these socks two years ago for Christmas. They were nice and warm wool socks from American Eagle. I loved them.

I wore them once and put them in the laundry. This was before I got married, and I was living at home.

Only one sock came back to me. The sock elves had taken my other one.

I figured it would turn up eventually; I mean, socks don't really get lost in the washer.

It never came.

And it never came.

A couple months went by. Then a couple more. And still, I hung on to hope and my one remaining sock. Every time the subject came up I said that the sock was somewhere and I would find it.

I kept that up for almost two years.

Yes, I held on to a single lonely sock for two years.

Then, last week, my mom texted me, "I found your sock!" It was behind the washer, possibly dragged there by a cat or accidentally flipped off the lid of the washer. In any case, my socks are together again.

It was a happy day.

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  1. I love it. This post was totally worth the wait :-P I can't believe you kept that sock! I never would have and then when the other one turned up I would have been so sad!! I'm glad this story had a happy ending :-)