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Sunday, January 29, 2012

apps I love

I get quite a few magazines a month.

Like, five.

And they always have helpful tips and tricks for everything from painting your kitchen to helping your child with his homework.

They also usually mention several of their favorite apps. I, of course, always have to check them out. Seems like I've turned into the app machine. Here are my current favorites:

Calorie Counter
What it does: Tracks what you eat, when you exercise, and how much you weigh.
Best feature: Scan the bar code of a product for all nutritional information.

Drive Smart
What it does: Turn it on when you get in the car, and it automatically routes incoming calls to voicemail (if you so choose) and sends auto-reply texts to anyone who texts you.
Best feature: You can customize the auto-reply texts.

S.O.S (by the Red Cross)
What it does: Start the app for a quick-dial button for 911. Also assists in emergency care.
Best feature: Step-by-step walkthroughs (including videos) for giving aid. First question asked: "Is the person breathing?" Select either "yes" or "no" and you will be prompted from there, either with further questions or life-saving instructions. (The CPR one actually walks through CPR with you, counting out chest compressions at the correct time intervals: "Push, push, push, push.")

What it does: Scans product bar codes and compares prices, both in stores and online.
Best feature: Links to buy online. Also lists nearby stores carrying the product.

What it does: A mobile home for all those rewards cards hanging out in your purse.
Best feature: Enter your rewards cards into the app. The bar code will be generated and can be scanned straight from your smartphone. No more digging through your purse for your Best Buy Rewards Zone card!

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