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Monday, January 30, 2012

New Recipe: Cast iron cookie

Last year for our anniversary we went up the north shore and stayed at Bluefin Bay Resort. There are a couple restaurants there, and one of them serves cast iron chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

Darren loved it. Which is a miracle in and of itself, since the man claims to hate chocolate. Maybe it was the cast iron skillet that did it for him.

In any case, the other night we were talking about that cast iron skillet cookie, and I said I had seen a recipe for it on Pinterest. So we made it.

Pretty darn tasty.

I did get in trouble for making it "too big," so we couldn't top it with ice cream and eat it right out of the pan, like we did at the resort. I tried to insist the pans weren't that big there, but didn't get anywhere with that. Darren just kept saying the pans were that big, but the cookie was thinner.

I still think I'm right.

But anyway, here's a link to the recipe:


And, like all recipes, we didn't follow it exactly. We only used one kind of chocolate chips (semi-sweet), and they were mini. We also used a smaller pan and saved half the dough in the freezer, since it would have been a monster of a cookie.

Get it? Monster cookie.


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