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Monday, January 23, 2012

Natalie: Five Months

Natalie is five months old today. I really wish I had done little summaries for her each month, but, well, I didn't. Live and learn. In any case, there's no time like the present.

Vital Stats
Natalie is 16.1 lbs and 25.5 inches long. She's outgrown almost all her three-month clothes.

Milestones This Month
Rolling! Natalie started rolling back-to-front on January 10th. Unfortunately she can't remember/figure out how to roll back. And she doesn't want to be on her tummy for too long.

She also got her first tooth. It's still just barely poking through, but it's there alright.

Natalie reaches for some things (her favorite toys) and also her bottle. Occasionally she will hold her bottle for a little bit while eating, before dropping it. She also tried to drink out of Mommy's straw the other day, so maybe in the next month we will try a sippy cup just for fun.

Sleep Training
We did some sleep training a couple nights ago to get rid of the nuk in the middle of the night. The first night she woke up five times but was back to sleep within 5 minutes (often less). The second and third nights she woke once each and was asleep within 5 minutes. And after that she didn't wake up any more. We still use the nuk for naptimes, though.

We started solids at about 4 months, 2 weeks. Her first taste of rice cereal she ate two whole tablespoons - just gobbled it down. After that she hated it. And oatmeal, too. Once we started bananas she LOVED those. So far we've done bananas, apples, peaches, and pears. She will eat oatmeal mixed in with her fruits.

Play Time
Natalie does really well playing on her own for up to 20 minutes at a time (depending on the time of day). She loves her jumperoo, bouncer, and activity mat. She's much better at sitting in her Bumbo, and will also sit in her highchair and play with toys while Mommy and Daddy work in the kitchen.

She has a favorite toy: her ABC-singing duckie, which she got from Uncle Trent for Christmas. She likes to play patty-cake and ride the "horsey." ("This is the way the lady rides...")

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