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Friday, January 27, 2012

tone deaf

I can't sing. Never could, never will. Unfortunately, I love to sing. It just sounds horrendous.

I've always been tone deaf. You'd think playing the piano for years would teach me to recognize when it wasn't on key, but I never could. I mean, if it got bad enough I could, but a slight off-pitch sound? No way, Jose.

Way back in the day in high school when I played piano for my church we used to have little "band performances." There were a couple girls who played the flute, and someone played the trumpet, and another on the trombone. A woman in the church would always organize us all together to play a song for the congregation. I played the piano's part. Before we would play, everyone would tune to the piano.

I tell you, I couldn't recognize an off-key instrument to save my life. Fortunately there are other people who can, and they were in charge of that. Fortunately those days are long gone.

I always feel self-conscious in church. I get into the music a little bit, and can get pretty loud. Hopefully everyone around me is singing equally loud, so they can't hear me.

I belt it out in my car though, especially when I'm alone. I love to sing while I drive. Especially since I'm the only one who has to hear it.

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