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Friday, June 25, 2010

Coupons at Target

I just got home from a trip to Target. It's been a while since I've gone there. Probably over a month, which is a new record for me, I'm sure.

Here are the deals I got:

Orbit gum, packages of 3 boxes of 14 pieces each, sale price $2
-$1 Target coupon WYB 2
Final price: $1.50 per package, or $0.50 per 14-piece box

Wonka Exceptional Chocolate (8.5 oz bag), sale price $2.99
-$1.50 Target coupon
Final price: $1.49

Welch's grape juice (64 oz), sale price $3.41
-$2.00 manufacturer's coupon
Final price: $1.41

French's Mustard, sale price $1.25
-$0.50 manufacturer's coupon (after registering)
Final price: $0.75

Blueberries, pint, sale price $1.99
-$1.00 Target coupon from mailing
Final price: $0.99--Great deal! And the best part is I got two coupon books in the mail.

Clean & Clear toner, regular $4.09
-$2.00 manufacturer's coupon
Final price: $2.09

Vaseline Aloe Fresh Hydrating Body Lotion, 10 oz, regular $2.50 (I bought two)
-$1.00 manufacturer's coupon
Final price: $1.50--This coupon is not limited to travel size items. Last time I had this coupon I got a free travel size lotion, but I couldn't find any this time so I got the 10 oz size.

Nivea Body Wash, 16.9 oz, regular $3.99, Buy two (I doubled this deal)
-$4.00 WYB 2 manufacturer's coupon
Final price: $1.99 each--This is a little expensive for body wash for me, but since it's the same price as off-brand I still bought some.

Dove Go Ultimate deodorant, regular $3.79 (Love this stuff!)
-$1.00 Target coupon
-$2.00 manufacturer's coupon
Final price: $0.79 (You could also use these coupons to get the body mist instead of the deodorant.)

Schick Hydro 5-blade razor, regular $8.24
-$1.00 Target coupon
-$8.24 mail-in rebate
Final price: FREE plus possible $1.00 overage. The 3-blade razor also qualifies for this deal.

Schick Quattro 3-pack disposable razors, regular $6.69
-$1.00 manufacturer's coupon
Final price: $5.59

TREsemme travel size hairspray, regular $0.99
-$1.00 manufacturer's coupon when you "Like" TREsemme on Facebook
Final price: FREE (Perfect for traveling!)

Slimfast 6-pack snack bars, regular $3.99
-$1.00 manufacturer's coupon (I got this coupon in the mail from a friend. Thanks, Sarah!)
Final price: $2.99

Slimfast shake mix, regular $7.59
-$1.50 manufacturer's coupon (Thanks again, Sarah!)
Final price: $6.09

John Frieda Brilliant Brunette (or any shade) shampoo and conditioner, regular $5.09 each
-$3.00 WYB 2 Target coupon
-Two $2.50 manufacturer's coupons
Final price: $1.09 each--Great deal!

The total price for these items (even with some on sale!) is $82.15. I had coupons totaling $42.74, which means I spent $39.41. That's a savings of 52%! Overall, a pretty good trip. I think this is my highest savings percentage so far. Now you know why I love coupons! The lady in line behind me commented on my stack: "Look at that great use of coupons! That's what I like to see."

Another note: Some items I didn't link to where I got the coupons. This is either because I had them so long I can't remember, or because I got them from somewhere other than the internet. Nearly all of my deals I see on Pocket Your Dollars or Saving with Shellie, so if you follow those two sites you will have access to almost every coupon I mention.

Also, I did have a picture of everything I bought, but I don't have my USB cord for my camera, so it will have to wait.

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