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Sunday, June 6, 2010

You never know...

...what you'll find at garage sales.

Darren and I went to the local yokel garage sale last weekend when we were in our hometown. I'm not going to lie--I usually make fun of garage sales in my hometown because, well, there's usually a lot of junk.

To put it nicely.

But we went to breakfast last Saturday with some of my relatives and two hours later, when we finally left the cafe, there was a garage sale going on in the parking lot, hosted by the local Lions.

So of course we went. Darren got some canning jars and some crazy ice pack designed for pop cans, and I got this dish for fifty cents.

alternative text

I'm not sure of the actual name, but it looked cute. And old. Like maybe it was worth something.

Which I found out it's not. But it's still is cute and old.

alternative text

I'm not sure exactly what type of dish this is. Some sort of serving dish, apparently. If you have any ideas please let me know. It has a small chip and the porcelain is a little stained, but I still like it.

alternative text

It was made by Alfred Meakin Ltd out of England between 1897 and 1913, according to the mark and the use of the word "Ltd." So definitely old.

alternative text

And look at that little handle. Definitely cute.

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