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Saturday, June 26, 2010

one year

I watched Dear John tonight. It's a movie about a guy and a girl who fall in love while he's home on leave from the Army Special Forces.

Then he has to go back. For a year.

I've done that year. I've done the wondering and waiting and hoping. Not to the extent of others, I know, but I've walked that path. I thought I was going to have to do it a second time, and I'm oh-so-thankful I don't.

It's a commitment, a year is. Life happens, people change. What used to be can disappear in a second. You never know what curves lie ahead. Sometimes you can see a glimpse of the bend in the road, and other times it takes you by surprise.

Exactly two years ago my husband was home on leave for two weeks. Only he wasn't my husband then. He was this guy I liked. I've spent the past couple hours reading through a box of mail from training and Iraq he unearned from our pile of stuff at his parents house. There are some good memories there.

Someday soon I'll share some of them with you.

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  1. I look forward to hearing about your letters :).