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Friday, June 4, 2010

venison fajitas

I can never resist buying peppers when they're on sale. Which they were this week. And the only thing I ever do with peppers (other than chop them up and throw them on a salad) is make fajitas.

So I did.

You should, too.

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Chop up some peppers. I did half a pepper of each color, and that was enough for Darren and me. You'll want to cut them into strips, not chunks. Although I don't know why. You could do chunks if you wanted.

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Chop up some onion, too.

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Saute the veggies with a little olive oil.

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Start your meat at the same time. I used cut up venison chops that Darren had put in marinade that morning.

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Grate some cheese. Or, if your husband allows you to buy pre-shredded cheese, get that out of the fridge. And thank your lucky stars you don't have to shred cheese every time you need it.

Although, to be fair, I really think it tastes different. Less "preserved."

Heat up some tortillas while you're at it.

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Put in the veggies, meat, and cheese, and whatever else you so desire. We like lettuce and salsa, and Darren puts sour cream on his.


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