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Thursday, February 12, 2009

laundry 101

Today's lesson: Do not wash ACUs with towels.

Darren had drill last weekend and his ACUs have been sitting on the floor since then so yesterday I finally decided to clean out the million pockets and wash them. He had me wash them before drill (not sure if they were dirty or what the deal was) and when I asked then if I could wash them with other things he said I probably shouldn't. So I listened...the first time.

Yesterday I threw his ACUs in the washer and figured I could throw some other stuff in there with them. Hate to do a load of wash and not take advantage of it. So I threw in some jeans and some of his work clothes and some towels. Well, the velcro on the ACUs destroyed them. I mean, they're still usable, but I had to take out the scissors and cut off all the strings after the velcro shredded them. Lesson learned. Ugh.


  1. Really? I don't remember having that problem... Course I don't remember if I've ever washed Chris' ACU's with anything else? Hmmm, now I'm intrigued... :-P

  2. Well, it might depend on the kind of towel too. I had some not-so-nice ones in there that were fine but I did have this really nice fluffy one we got for our wedding...it's no longer fluffy. :(