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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

losing weight

I gained three pounds over the holidays and I haven't been able to lose it yet. Ugh. We're going to Grand Cayman on March 25 which is 49 days from now (exactly 7 weeks) if I did my math right. I want to lose 8 pounds between now and then. The three I've been up since Christmas plus another five to get to my goal weight. I've never reached it, but I've been within four pounds.

I read an article in one of my Bride magazines a while back about how most woman gain a lot of weight after they get married and that is NOT going to be me! I've already lost 35 pounds; you'd think 8 would be easy. Granted, it took me almost two years to lose that much weight...I'm slow. That worries me a little bit about losing 8 pounds in seven weeks. I'm going to have to hit it hard, I guess. Well, really I weighed about three pounds less a week ago and I KNOW I didn't gain three pounds in a week, so some if it is just weight fluctuation anyway. So hopefully it'll be more like 6-ish pounds.

I'm hoping keeping track a little bit on here will help motivate me. I've done fairly well eating today so far although I didn't get up and work out this morning like I should have. Maybe tonight. Yesterday I did cardio so today is strength training which is nice because it's something I can do while watching TV. With cardio I have to watch my little workout video but I have the strength training one memorized for the most part so I should be able to do it while we watch Friends tonight.

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