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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

week 3 weight loss

Ugh. I was up .5 pounds since last week, which means I've only lost 1.4 in three weeks. Lame. But I guess it was to be expected after totally pigging out down in Iowa last weekend. I'm actually sort of surprised I got that low, because on Monday morning it wasn't looking too promising. But this weekend we're just staying home and there's no cheesecake so hopefully I'll be able to do better. Here comes the silver lining: of the .5 pounds I'm up since last week, only .1 pound of it is bodyfat. Yay! So that crazy new workout must be building my muscles. It sure feels like it is. I really need to start strength-training. I just don't like that as well as cardio so I hardly ever do it, but building muscle is the best way to lose fat.

Last night I did have a piece of leftover wedding cake, but it was our one-month anniversary, and the last piece of cake, so I know there won't be any more of that. I also tried to have a piece of chocolate while Darren was in the bathroom but he heard me and chased me through the house trying to grab it. I couldn't get the wrapper off fast enough so I put it in my mouth half-wrapped when he caught me. Haha, I showed him. Although, I must admit, it does make me feel slightly pathetic. But he said he would try and lose weight with me. He's only going to cut back on what he's eating because he refuses to do workout videos with me and it's too cold outside to run.

The 8 pound goal is pretty much going out the window. We're leaving in four weeks (yay!) and if I could lose 3 pounds it would be pretty great. I'm glad we're home this weekend so I can try and eat normally. I usually spend all week trying to lose my weekend weight gain and by Thursday or Friday I'm finally feeling good about myself again only to chow down all weekend long. What a bad cycle. We're going out to Troy and Tina's for dinner tonight so I had better behave!

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