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Monday, February 9, 2009

Tri Care

So Darren and I decided to get on the military insurance called Tri Care, which is actually really good. It's $180 a month for both of us and covers prescriptions 100% and has a low deductible. Bummer he can only have it as long as he's in the Guard, but hopefully by the time he gets out I'll have a job with insurance.

Anyway, we got married on the 24th of January so we had until the 31st (a Saturday) to get our marriage certificate, enroll me in DEERS, and apply for the Tri Care to be covered for the month of February. They stressed that we MUST have the application in by the 1st. We got back from our honeymoon on Wednesday and spent Thursday (the 29th) driving down to Little Falls to enroll in DEERS. Got that all taken care of, no problem, and the woman who was helping us said she could take care of Tri Care for us too. So she went on her computer and did all the application online and all we had to do was sign it and fax or mail it. Darren specifically asked her if we still needed to have it in by the 1st and she went on about how since the applicated was dated before the 1st, it would be okay as long as they received payment before the 10th.

We got home late Thursday and on Friday sent the application in by fax. Darren called them on Monday and they never got it so we had to fax it again. Well now they're saying that since they didn't get the application until the 4th we aren't covered until March 1. SO ANNOYING. After we made so much effort to make sure everything got taken care of before Feb 1. Ugh...ticks me off. Oh well. Hopefully I don't get in any traumatic incidents until March 1, because we'll be paying out-of-pocket. Dang it. It's less the fact that we aren't covered and more the fact that they claim to never have received our fax. But that's how the military is sometimes...

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