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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Book Review

Somehow I got confused.

I know that's difficult to believe. But it's true.

I'm not sure how it happened but I ended up reading the second book in a three-book series.

You're shocked, I can tell.

You might want to read my previous book review here.

Tracey Bateman has two other books in this series. The first is Catch a Rising Star and the third, That's (Not Exactly) Amore.

While the first and third books of the series were still pretty funny, I definitely enjoyed the second book the best. However, if you haven't read the second book yet and are wanting to you might want to start with the first in the series. Everything will still make sense, but the books do overlap a little.

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  1. Silly girl. See, I saw on the cover of the book that it was book 2 in a series of 3, but I thought to myself, "Alaina must know this and be ok with skipping the first book. She wouldn't recommend I start in the middle of a series." Hehehe :-P