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Monday, January 11, 2010

Cypress Pointe Resort II Grande Villas

Darren and I are on our way to Florida at this very moment!

(The day I discovered I could write posts early and have them automatically post at a certain day and time was probably about the sixth-best day of my life thus far.)

We took a 7:55 flight out of MSP, had an hour and a half layover at ORD in Chicago (and don't even get me started on ORD--see this) and hopped on our second United flight to Orlando. Also don't get me started on United. But what's a girl to do? At least we're flying NWA direct on the way home. Speaking of, didn't they merge with Delta? Like two years ago? Whatever.

We're staying at Cypress Pointe Resort II Grande Villas. Courtesy of my mother and all her time-share vacation weeks. Thanks, momma. I owe you one. Or about twenty. I love time-shares. So much fun. So cheap! We paid less than $300 for our accommodations our week on Grand Cayman. Talk about your good deal. And I'm sure Florida will be cheaper. One would hope.

I'm excited to stay there. It looks pretty nice, although it's only a Silver Crown (part of RCI's rating system). Still, better than a nothing.

It does look a little swanky, doesn't it?

It has a couple pools, and I believe I may have read somewhere about a volcano pool?? I'm not quite sure what that entails, but there you have it. Although, with the frigid temperatures I doubt we'll spend a lot of time in the pool.

We have a 3-bedroom lockoff room, so if you want to visit feel free to stop by. Some friends were going to come with us but it didn't work out, and then it was too late to switch rooms, so Darren and I will just be living in the lap of luxury with all that space. There are three bathrooms, three bedrooms, two living rooms, two kitchen areas, a couple of Jacuzzis, and two balconies. Oh, and a washer and dryer.

One of us is liable to get lost.

Also, may I please comment on that diagram? Why are the tables such a hideous red? So weird.

I didn't put up any pictures of the inside. It looks like a hotel; nothing special there. But you can go to the website if you want to see some.

As a side note, remember how I was talking about Discovery Cove the other day? Well, I found a coupon code! We saved $50, yay! That's like a meal at Red Lobster for us, so that was fun for me. It's much more reasonable now. It also includes a free ticket to SeaWorld. Plus, at Discovery Cove we get a free breakfast, lunch, and snacks, and FREE Anheuser-Busch products. Does that seem strange to you? It seems a little weird to me, especially because on the very same page it said something about Discovery Cove being a family affair so please wear respectable bathing suits, which means "no thong bathing suits." For real. Those were the words.

Anyway, I thought that was strange.

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