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Monday, November 2, 2009

my favorite pictures:part 1

I love taking pictures. Love it, love it, love it.

And, lucky you, I want to share them with you!

I once had to write a paper for a college composition class describing a single picture. It was a long paper. Don't worry; I won't punish you that way. I just wanted to show you some of my favorites and give you a little bit of the history behind them.

alternative text

I took this picture in March 2007 on the island of St. Martin/Sint Maarten.

St. Martin/Sint Maarten is an island in the Caribbean owned half by the French, half by the Dutch. My family first discovered it on a cruise in March 2005. It was one of our ports of call and it was absolutely gorgeous. So we went back.

We rented this three-bedroom house that was a little ramshackle but had the most beautiful view of the ocean. It was up on a little cliff above the beach. You can barely see the ocean in this picture; it's in the upper-right. Mostly you can just see boats at the pier.

I love the black and white. There's something about black and white that makes almost every picture look a tiny bit better. But since this isn't 1907 I try to refrain from too much B&W. Remember back when you had to buy B&W film? Oh, those were the days. Now you can go to B&W with the click of a button, which I love. Enough about black and white.

I love this picture. I love the palm trees and the flowers. Mostly I love the picket gate, half swung open. As if in an invitation.

Or something. Maybe I shouldn't try to read too deeply into it. It's just a gate, for Pete's sake.

Even still, I love it.

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