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Thursday, November 12, 2009

my favorite pictures:part 3

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Arches National Park, Utah. August 2006.

I love the colors. The rocks and sand were so red, and the sky was so blue, and those weird bushes had that sage-green look going on. Those colors don't even need Photoshop (although if I could afford it I probably would have used it). But my absolute favorite thing about this picture is the jet trail. It adds an interesting element.

This picture was a labor of love. It was so hot that day I thought I was going to die. Pushing 100 with the sun beating down and not a breeze in sight, surrounded by red earth and no trees for shade. I suppose I could have huddled up under one of those bushes. And did I mention we were hiking? It was brutal.

So you had darn well better enjoy it.

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  1. Alex and I stopped at this nation park on our way to the Grang Canyon! One of my favorite pictures ever was taken at this same park, ironic! Do you remember seeing the "three gossips"? I loved those! We'll have to have another photo session :-)