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Friday, November 13, 2009

Why I Love...


For Alexandra Lyn. My secret twin sister separated at birth.

(For all ya'll who don't know Alli, we have the same birthday...and middle names...and my dad wanted to nickname me Alli but my mom wouldn't let him. So yeah, we're practically the same person, right on down to our obsession with M&Ms.)

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This is a way old picture. Remember how I was talking about black & white film??

You got it.

I actually lived in Duluth for nine months while I went to school at The College of St. Scholastica, lovingly called CSS by students. This is Tower Hall, where I had all my classes. Most on the third or fourth floors, lucky me.

Speaking of classes on the third and fourth floors...

I had a class my freshman year called Dance, Gender, and Culture. It was a legitimate class requiring class attendance, homework, papers, and final projects. It was 3 credits.

I also had a class my freshman year called Introduction to Symphony, where all I had to do was show up to class and listen to music. And I didn't even have to listen. I was allowed to do homework, read a magazine, pretty much whatever I wanted as long as I wasn't disruptive. At the end of the semester I had to write a paragraph on what I got out of the class. The class was also three credits.

Guess which three credits got accepted by Northwestern when I transferred, and guess which ones didn't count. Let's just say I should have also taken Introduction to Classical Music.

This is why people should never, ever, transfer colleges.

Also so that they don't have to take Principles of Accounting 1 two different times. Accounting principles don't change, people. They don't change.

Back to the third and fourth floors...

Man, was it a haul up those stairs.

Even still, I miss CSS and Duluth. Sometimes I wish I would have finished out my degree there, but everything worked out in the end, I suppose. I have so many great memories of my freshman year. All in all, it was probably my favorite year of college. I came away from so many wonderful stories, and one terrific friend.

As I'm winding up my last semester of college I find myself often thinking about my first. So thanks, Alli, for a memorable freshman year. I wouldn't have survived without you!

And you know exactly what I'm talking about.

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