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Sunday, November 29, 2009


Winterizing. Is that a word? Winter-izing. Winterizing.

I think that yes, it is.

I got new sheets last week. They're flannel. They're warm and cozy and wintery.
And very, very pretty. I love them.

Our bedroom needed a makeover. The comforter blended in with the wall, and the sheets aren't colorfast so my pillowcase was all faded from my face lotion. It's a problem with me. I have to always sleep on the same side of my pillowcase so I don't inadvertently ruin the other side. Because that wouldn't look nice.

I know, I have problems. But seriously, this is a perfect example of the kinds of things I think about.

"Before" picture.

alternative text

I know, I know. I have stuffed animals on my bed. Go ahead and laugh. Everyone does.

But just let me say this: the bunny Darren got when he was born, so it's practically an heirloom. The stuffed moose my dad bought for me on our trip to Alaska the summer before he died.

I hope you feel bad for laughing.

I'm just kidding. You know I love ya'll, even if you laugh at me and my stuffed animals.

These are the lovely sheets I got for $18 at Target.

alternative text

They look even nicer on the bed. I should have washed them first, though, because the flannel is scratchy still. It needs to get nice and worn.

alternative text

Our green comforter wasn't going to match so I bought a dark brown comforter cover and pillow shams to match.

alternative text

It's kind of a big brown mass now. Target has a Euro pillow that matches the flannel. It's very nice and would break up the brown-ness, but it's $30. More than the sheets. Pillows are ridiculous. Anyway, I'm waiting to see if it goes on sale first. Probably it won't and when I finally decide it's worth $30 I won't be able to find it anywhere. That always happens to me.

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