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Friday, February 26, 2010

The Birth Order

Have you ever read The Birth Order?

I haven't. But I believe there's some truth in there.

I have some friends. We used to be roommates. All three of us are firstborns.

We got together last weekend to catch up and hang out and discuss life.

Kristine has a Pysch degree and is pursuing courses in massage therapy. Laura is finishing her degree in music education. And you know I'm an accountant.

But I can't believe how similar we are. We have similar goals and life views and enjoy many of the same activities. So many times last weekend one of us would say, "You can tell I'm a firstborn."

One site says that firstborns tend to be people pleasers. They crave approval, are reliable, conscientious, perfectionists, driven, conventional, and want things their way.

They want things their own way...hmm. That's true. And not only am I a firstborn, but I married a firstborn.

It gets interesting.

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