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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

And This Is Why I Use Coupons

I love coupons.

Have I mentioned that before?

How much would you guess this all cost?

Retail Value (before sales or coupons) was $225.25

Sale prices brought the total to $207.37

Coupons brought the total to $131.26

I saved $17.88 on sale priced items and $76.11 with coupons for a total savings of $93.99.

I love it when I can match coupons with sale items.

Some highlights:

Revlon nail polish reg. $3.89
-$1 Target coupon (mail)
-$2 Glamour magazine ad coupon

Clean & Clear toner reg. $3.99
-$2 Clean & Clear manufacturer's coupon (HERE)

Playtex Tampons 36 count reg. $6.98, Sale price $6.21
-$5.99 manufacturer's coupon (You can get this by emailing the manufacturer telling them how much you like their product--they sent me three coupons for $5.99 each!!)

Oscar Meyer Beef Franks reg. $4.29
-$4.29 manufacturer's coupon (I posted about this coupon some time ago and finally used it.)

DiGiornio Flatbread Melt reg. $3.00
-$3.00 manufacturer's coupon (I also posted about this one.)

Edge shave gel reg. $2.24, sale $1.90
-$1 Target coupon (mail)

Dove chocolate bar reg. $0.99
-$0.89 maufacturer's coupon (HERE)
=$0.10 (And I did notice the Dove bars at WalMart are $0.50 so you could get one for free there.)

Nestle 6 pack bottled water reg. $1.00
-$1.00 manufacturer's coupon (HERE)

Tylenol Cold reg. $5.24
-$2.00 manufacturer's coupon (HERE)

SoBe Lifewater reg. $1.27, sale $1.00 (Buy 10)
-(5) BOGO manufacturer's coupons (HERE)
-$5.00 Target gift card when you buy 10
=10 FREE

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