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Friday, July 24, 2009

I Get Excited About The Strangest Things

My mom gave me some old containers she no longer had any use for. And you know what? It was the high point of my week.

Oh, wait. I forgot about the Christmas ornaments.

It was the second-highest point of my week. What can I say, I love to organize.

Some day I would love to have a huge pantry with matching canister after matching canister of powdered, brown, cane, and granulated sugar; wheat, white, bread, self-rising, and pastry flour; wild and white rice; kosher and regular salt; baking soda and powder; olive and canola oil...you get the picture.

Temporary digression: You know, I'm not sure if I like to cook because I love to eat, or if I just like to cook. Sometimes I have a strange desire to cook dishes I know I won't enjoy. What's with that?

Moving on.

I was so excited I washed those bad boys up right away and began filling them with all my staples.

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Bread flour, sugar, brown sugar, and flour. These containers are nice and big. I was always filling my old ones up after every other use. It will be nice that these will last for a good long while. Please ignore the clumps in my brown sugar. It's fresh, I swear!

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See how big it is? Almost the size of my wonderful Kitchen Aid mixer.

I think some day I should write a post about my Kitchen Aid mixer.

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These are the minuscule canisters my flour and sugar used to be in. I should have taken a picture by my new ones so you could see it better. But if you can imagine, the big metal canister is about the same height (but has a smaller diameter) as the little plastic canisters. I shouldn't complain about the metal canisters; I did register for them as a wedding gift, after all, and someone oh-so-graciously purchased them for us. I do love them. I do. Especially now that I don't have to keep flour and sugar in them.

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In these old ones I have white rice, wild rice, powdered sugar, and coffee grounds.

Someday I will have large matching canisters. They will be a beautiful assortment of cooking staples. And I will love them dearly.

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